Winter Dance January 19th/ January 22-25 is THE GREAT KINDNESS CHALLENGE WEEK


Each day wear something different to show your commitment to being kind!


Monday: Dream of Kindness (PAJAMA DAY/CRAZY SOCKS DAY)

Tuesday: Team Kindness (SPORTS DAY)

Wednesday: Twice as Kind (TWIN DAY)

Thursday: Tied Together for Kindness (WEAR A TIE/DRESS UP DAY)


Monday: Tree of Kindness/Thank a Teacher

Tuesday: All Part of the Team-Cards of Kindness

Wednesday: Practice Kindness

Thursday: Chain of Kindness



The FCOC Corner

Events for the month of January:

Coffee Talk- Our 1st Coffee talk hour of 2018 will be Thursday, January 18th at 10 AM. If you have a suggestion for a topic, please feel free to contact me. Parents who attend may have the opportunity to visit their student’s classroom. You MUST RSVP by Wednesday, January 17th.

Winter Concert-  Band, Chorus and Orchestra will be performing. The Concert takes place in the BWA Auditorium on Wednesday, January 17th @ 7:30 PM.

Please NOTE: All Students must arrive by 6:45 PM and they are asked to wear black bottoms and white tops. 

Special News:                                                                                                                      Our very own Donavan Smith was nominated for athlete of the week!  It’s a pretty big deal for a 7th grader at a Varsity Level Sport.  If you have time, please click on the link below to vote for him!