Monthly Archives: February 2019

Dental Visits

The dentist is coming to Diven to talk with our pre-kindergarten and Kindergarten children about dental hygiene on Thursday, February 28. Miss Shannon and Christoff Marshall of Mondovi Dental will be making the Healthy Teeth presentations to the classes. Remember to ask your children what they’ve learned about dental health and brushing when they get… Read More »

Read Your Heart Out! Due Friday

Just a quick note to remind our parents that our Read Your Heart Out challenge is due this Friday, February 15. Please have your child complete the challenges and hand in their completed Read Your Heart Out challenge board to his or her teacher for a chance to win a prize, after break. 🙂 If… Read More »

Super Power Word: Compassion

Our Super Power Word of the month is Compassion. Compassion is more than just being kind and considerate; it’s about wanting to help others and encouraging others to be compassionate and empathetic, too. How do we raise compassionate children? By modeling compassion! Last week, we closed school on a day when temperatures fell to thirty… Read More »

Help Your Child Excel | Learning Odyssey

Often, your child comes home from school with optional work. Did you know that spending 15 minutes a day, just three days a week on this optional work can bring your child’s reading and math scores up to the next level? It’s the same work your child is doing at school; you can ask your… Read More »

Should My Child Stay Home? | Newsletter

In this week’s newsletter, we featured the following guide on whether or not your child needs to stay home from school: We know it can be challenging, particularly for working parents, to keep your child home when their symptoms are mild the day after a fever or vomiting episode. However, your child can and usually… Read More »