Thank you, volunteers!

By | April 25, 2019

We’d like to thank our volunteers from Diven, Hendy, the National Honor Society and the community for helping with Spring Fling: Dottie, Carter, Marg, Beth, Shineanne, Ken, Jen, Emily, Violet, Jackie, Mia, Paula, Antoinette, Jo, Jasmyne, Abigail, Jan, Caitlyn, Gail, Laurie, Sean, Kim, Sue, Mike, and Tarra.

The chains that decorated our Spring Fling were contributed by teachers and parents. Every month, we teach our children a new character trait–a super power! This month was “capable,” which means, “I can do it!” Scholars wrote their names and super powers on the links and we had one class contribute an entire city scape, which they worked into their math lesson! Our staff is truly selfless, and we are lucky to have such caring mentors for our children. 🙂