We Love Our Diven Staff!

By | May 8, 2019

All this week, we are celebrating our staff: teachers, teacher aides, social workers, administrators, and support staff, including cafeteria and custodial staff, bus drivers and nurses, without whom our school would not be the amazing community that it is!

Our staff work year-round making your child’s experience at Diven more than just an education. We are a family, just like yours, with diverse backgrounds and experiences. Throughout the year, we celebrate our scholars’ successes, and we feel for them when they struggle.

Our Parent Family Organization was rebuilt this year with support and encouragement form many staff members, especially Mrs. Legare, Mrs. Garrison, and Mr. Werfelman.

Every Popcorn Friday, our custodial staff diligently cleans popcorn kernels and remnants from every corner of the copy room.

Our cafeteria staff is happily rewarded with popcorn to help clean our Popcorn Friday dishes, which they don’t have to do, but they do, because our staff is great.

We did something new this year, and collected My Favorite Things sheets from the staff. Many staff members participated in the poll, and while it’s out of the budget to grant all the wishes we’d like to do this year, we hope that next year, with help from families like yours and the continued growth of our DSO, we’ll be able to show our staff appreciation all year long with little things that send a very important message:

You are appreciated.

Because truly, our staff are under-appreciated and over-worked, and would move mountains if it meant that even one child’s path was set straight for success because of their efforts.

The smiles we see on the kiddos’ faces each day show that the things our staff does for our community are making a positive impact in the lives of hundreds of children every year, thousands of children in a lifetime of teaching.

We can’t thank Diven staff enough for all that they do. We literally can’t–there are not enough thanks available.

Thank you so much for everything.