Q&A for Parents of Children Moving to K or 3rd Grade

By | June 10, 2019

As our pre-K students and 2nd graders prepare to move to the next level, we find many parents share questions about what to expect. Here are some of your most common questions, and if you have a question or concern that is not addressed here, know that we are always just a call or e-mail away. 🙂

Kindergarten Q&A

  • Will my child still have nap time?
    • No, so there’s no need for a blanket or pillow; but there will be a “rest” or “quiet” time built into the day.
  • Will my child still have snack time?
    • Yes! At least one snack time, and sometimes more.
  • What if my child already knows how to read and do math?
    • Your child will be provided with material that will challenge him academically. The teachers at Diven love to teach a child who loves to learn! Children are unable to “skip” grades at this level, so children who are able to do higher-level academic work may be given several options: working on higher-level math or reading worksheets and reading material; working as a mentor for their peers; or a personalized plan between the parent and teacher, depending on the child’s needs. Remember, much of kindergarten is about learning important social skills that will help your child excel. Learning is so much more than academic at Diven!

Third Grade Q&A

  • My child didn’t take the bus this year, but will next year. How does that work?
    • You’ll be able to sign up your child to ride the bus during your Hendy Elementary orientation in August, by filling out paperwork at the Hendy office, or by filling out the paperwork in your Welcome Packet.
  • Will my child move to different classes for different subjects?
    • Sometimes kids do get placed in different classes for reading, math, etc. It depends on the child.
  • I will have one child at Hendy and one at Diven–how will drop-off work?
    • Hendy students begin and end their days a full twenty minutes before Diven students, just for this reason!
  • What supplies do I need?
  • Who is my child’s teacher?
    • Sorry–you’ll have to wait ‘til August to find out! 🙁
  • Will my child stay with his current classmates?
    • No, but likely she’ll have a friend or two. There were times in the past that we did keep the entire second-grade classes together as they transitioned to Hendy Elementary, but that’s not the case this year (2019).