Monthly Archives: September 2019

Let’s Learn About: NWEA Testing

Your child may have mentioned NWEA testing to you. This is a special computer-adaptive test—MAP Growth—that we use here at Diven (and beyond) to measure your child’s skills. Adaptive means that the test will adapt to your child: if your child answers a question correctly, the next question is harder. If your child answers a… Read More »

Teacher Request: Ms. Macko’s Art Class

Our Art Teacher, Ms. Macko, is hoping you’ll help her fulfill her dream of: Cardboard Egg Cartons Newspapers Magazines Quart-Sized Containers Toilet Paper & Paper Towel Rolls Sponges She needs these items throughout the year. You can donate these items to the Art Donation Bin in the lobby. She’s also looking for a one-time donation… Read More »

Open House

Open House was last Wednesday, and the turn out was simply amazing! We want to thank all the families who attended and made this event a huge success! We loved seeing all of you and your little ones, and it was wonderful to see so many families participate in our community art project. The rocks… Read More »

Let’s Learn About: Homework

You may be surprised that your child has not come home with much homework this year—that’s because here at Diven, we believe that when children return home from school, it’s a time for family and socializing. We have a school homework policy of no mandatory homework. Some teachers send home supplemental work that will certainly… Read More »

Super Power Word: STAR

Last week, every student put on their super hero cape and experienced the first Town Meeting of the school year! Every month, each grade has an assembly where we discuss our learning goals and how to be a great school community. We also introduce our Super Power Word of the Month—this month, it’s STAR! It’s… Read More »

Let’s Learn About: Recharge Stations

Every class at our school has a Recharge Station. It’s a dedicated space for our kids to go to when they need a moment to recharge, kind of a self-elected time out. Our recharge stations have sensory items, like putty, fidget spinners, squishy toys, and slime, as well as other calming activities. It’s a great… Read More »

Diven School Organization

The Diven School Organization is our PTO. Families and staff are invited and encouraged to participate in our events and to give us feedback about how we can help make your Diven experience amazing! We meet once a month to discuss business, and starting in November, we will be holding alternate 3pm/6pm meetings so that… Read More »

Attendance Matters

This year, Diven families are asked to help positively impact their student’s learning by sending their child to school if your child does not have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea, in the classroom. Every. Single. Day. We love your kids and want them to succeed! Generally, preschool students miss more school than any other grade,… Read More »