You Asked: Gifts for Your Teachers

By | December 10, 2019

Several of you asked what your child’s teacher wanted for the holidays, especially parents with names that start with L and J, and try though I might, it seems as though our educators are reluctant to come forth with their own desires. “You mean, for my classroom?” No, I mean for you. “You mean, something for me to use to teach?” No, something that you want for you outside of the school. “That would help me teach?” No.

The few who failed my interrogation all had one similar request: gift cards. Gift cards for Starbucks, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Wegmans. I’d play it safe and get them one of those Visa gift cards. And thank them profusely for being so selfless. I’ve never had such trouble trying to wrangle a gift idea out of another human being. And I’m an expert on such things.

Might I also suggest a heart-felt card from you or your child. It’s a small gesture that really does mean a lot. I know a certain second-grade teacher who’s last name rhymes with bicbeerson just wants every one of her students to gift her a nice card to add to her collection. And she’s not the only one.