Tips for Success

School is an important part of your child’s education, of course–but it’s not the only important part. A child’s progress in school is very much influenced by how things are going on at home. Academic and behavior issues at school might be because of a lack of sleep or food, or a disruption in a student’s routine or home life. Thankfully, there are lots of things you can do to help your child when school is not in session that will help your child when school is in session.

In this section, we have compiled resources that will help you and your child succeed at Diven. More will be added, so please keep checking in. Read through each page and share your questions or concerns with your child’s teacher, a staff member, or your Parent Partner. We are here to help!

Attendance Matters

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Homework Help

15 Tips for Managing After-School Activities

The Importance of Routines

Mental & Behavioral Health Services in Chemung County

Outreach Programs in Chemung County

Learning Resources

Elmira City School District Resource Guide