Morning Mentors– I was involved with this. We got to meet different people from all companies around. This helped us how to talk with this bosses and what they are looking for in a employee. This help me learn how to talk to other people and how to commentate.  

 Leadership– It help me by learn how to trust people and how we can solve any problems and how to stay clam. And we have learn how to solve any problem.

ABL- It is  a activity i did with my peers at school. It is called Adventure Base Learning,  we have learn how to work together. And how to figure out to talk to each other and if we come to a big problem to take it one step at a time. Teamwork help us reach a goal.

Bowling Manager-  When i was the manager of our school. It showed me how to be organized and how to work with our team. It also showed me how to be a good team player.