Band Land

if you are moving your body, check out The Un-cancelled Project.  You can log miles and possibly win prizes.  You might need a grown up… I’m not sure about the age restrictions, since I AM a grown up…

SmartMusic IS working.  Check your email for the code.  I check it every day and if you are there I upgrade you to premium so that you can use everything on there!

Also, please check out the Winderl World link on this page.  Mrs. Winderl posted some great websites that have ear training and theory exercises and fun music things.  Test your ears!! Facetime your friends and have a challenge.

This is also a great time to clean your instrument.  The UNLV School of Music provides detailed information.  This is not meant to alarm you, cleaning your instrument is good practice ALL the time 🙂

If you are still bored, and you’ve tried painting your nails, reading books, watching movies (HALLMARK HAS A CHRISTMAS MOVIE MARATHON!? COME ON!) pestering your siblings/parents into playing board games, practicing long tones with a tuner… why not look up music we should play in band next year?  Send me an email with suggestions and a brief explanation of why we should play it.