1-CDAMP Mod. V Overview (Click to download)


CDAMP MODULE V. OVERVIEW (Systemic Health – BSH-9221)


  1. Patient Education
  2. Nutrition
  3. Vital Signs
  4. Oral Pathology & Therapeutics


  • Describe plaque formation and how it affects the teeth & periodontium
  • Explain etiology & progression of dental caries & periodontitis
  • Implement motivational techniques to develop good oral hygiene for all age groups
  • Instruct patient in brushing, flossing and use of various oral hygiene aids
  • Explain the uses & benefits of fluorides & sealants in preventing dental caries
  • Apply pit and fissure sealants to the teeth and give a fluoride treatment


  • Describe how an understanding of nutrition is related to good oral health
  • Define nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, amino acids, fiber and fats, and their affect on the body
  • Identify various types of sugars and how they contribute to tooth decay
  • Identify the function of vitamins, major minerals & water
  • Record & analyze dietary intake
  • Evaluate food labels 


  • Take a preliminary patient medical/dental history
  • Alert dentist of health issues that would determine treatment alternatives
  • Assist dentist in an oral examination
  • Measure & record vital signs on a patient


  • Be aware of abnormal conditions of the oral cavity, their causative origins & treatment
  • Identify types of biopsy procedures
  • Demonstrate an understanding of drugs commonly used in dentistry 
  • Identify routes of drug administration
  • Identify parts of a written prescription