1-CDAMP Mod. VI Overview (Click to download)


CDAMP MODULE VI. OVERVIEW (General Dental Practices – BSH-9196)


A.  Operatory Preparation & Maintenance

B.  Chairside Instruments and Tray Systems

C.  Management of Pain & Anxiety

D.  Dental Procedures & Materials



  • Design a well-functioning dental office
  • Explain the basic concepts of chairside assisting
  • Demonstrate how the operatory is prepared for each patient
  • Demonstrate operatory and equipment maintenance
  • Seat and dismiss a patient
  • Describe operator and assistant positioning for treatment of each quadrant
  • Accommodate a patient with special needs



  • Identify the parts of a dental instrument
  • Describe how instruments are identified
  • Describe various dental handpieces and attachments and demonstrate their operation
  • Identify categories and functions of dental burs
  • Describe types and functions of abrasives
  • Describe types of tray systems and color-coding systems



  • Describe methods used to manage pain and anxiety related to dental procedures
  • Explain various topical anesthetics and their use
  • Describe types of local anesthetics and their use
  • Describe equipment and materials needed to administer a local anesthetic
  • Demonstrate steps in safely loading and unloading an anesthetic syringe
  • Identify injection sites for maxillary and mandibular arches
  • Discuss the role of nitrous oxide
  • Demonstrate the ability to assist with administration of nitrous oxide


  • Describe the properties, composition and manipulation of dental bonding adhesives, bases and cements
  • List the types of materials used to directly restore cavity preparationsand where they are used
  • Describe the properties, composition, and manipulations of various cavity restoratives
  • Describe the steps of a cavity preparation
  • Identify armamentarium used in restorative procedures
  • Place and remove matrix bands in all quadrants of the mouth
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of cotton roll/dri-angle isolation
  • Explain the advantages and disadvantages of dental dam isolation
  • Identify and manipulate isolation armamentarium
  • Place and remove cotton rolls from all areas of the mouth
  • Place and remove dental dam from each quadrant of the mouth
  • Demonstrate the grasps, positions, and transfer of instruments during a procedure
  • Identify oral evacuation armamentarium
  • Demonstrate positioning of the dental light and instruments in the oral cavity to insure good visibility
  • Demonstrate the use of a saliva ejector
  • Demonstrate the use of an HVE tip and retraction devices.
  • Using an air/water syringe and HVE tip, rinse, evacuate, and dry each quadrant of the mouth
  • Employ the use of mouth props