CDAMP MODULE VII. OVERVIEW (Dental Specialties – BSH-9195)


A.  Cosmetic Dentistry & Tooth Whitening

B.  Prosthodontics

C.  Periodontics

D.  Endodontics

E.  Oral Surgery

F.  Orthodontics

G.  Related Laboratory Skills



  • Describe the scope and fundamentals of cosmetic dentistry
  • Explain the psychological & sociological influences of cosmetic dentistry
  • Identify types of oral photography used in cosmetic dentistry
  • Describe items used in restorative and soft tissue contouring procedures
  • Create a marketing plan for a cosmetic practice
  • Explain various tooth whitening techniques currently used in dentistry
  • Define scope of prosthodontics
  • Explain considerations involved in providing patient options
  • Describe various types of prostheses and their functions
  • Compare advantages/disadvantages of fixed and removable prostheses
  • Describe materials used in the fabrication of dental prostheses
  • Explain dental laboratory involvement in prostheses fabrication
  • Describe NYS certified dental assistant’s role in all phases of prosthodontics
  • Explain crown build up procedures
  • Describe implant retainer prostheses
  • Explain prosthesis maintenance techniques


  • Describe the scope of periodontics
  • Describe the stages of periodontal disease
  • Explain procedures involved in diagnosis
  • Identify and explain purpose of periodontal instruments and materials
  • Describe surgical and non-surgical procedures practiced in periodontics
  • Identify types of periodontal dressings, their preparation, placement and removal
  • Explain periodontal maintenance procedures and the patient’s relating role


  • Describe disease progression related to endodontics
  • Describe diagnostic procedures
  • Identify instruments and materials and describe their use
  • Understand and prepare for procedure steps
  • Describe related surgical procedures


  • Identify oral surgical instruments and their function
  • Explain the aseptic procedures required for oral surgery
  • Prepare the patient for oral surgery
  • Set up trays and assist during various surgical procedures performed in a dental office
  • Understand postoperative instructions given to the patient
  • Assist during postoperative complications
  • Describe and list types of implant procedures


  • Define orthodontics
  • Describe categories of occlusion
  • Describe preventive, interceptive, and corrective orthodontics
  • Explain the process of tooth movement
  • Describe the records and consultation appointments and the NYS certified dental assistant’s role for each of these
  • Identify and describe the purpose of various orthodontic appliances
  • Identify common orthodontic instrumentation and use
  • Describe stages of orthodontic treatment
  • Explain procedures for securing and removing appliances and how teeth are retained in position after removal



  • Identify materials used in the dental laboratory
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills needed to prepare, take, and remove alginate impressions and bite registrations
  • Describe the preparation of reversible hydrocolloid impression material for the dentist
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skill in preparing elastomeric impression materials for the dentist
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in using gypsum products such as model plaster and laboratory stone
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in pouring up impressions and trimming dental casts
  • Explain the use of a dental articulator
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in fabricating custom impression trays using vacuum-form, self-curing, light curing, and/ or cold curing methods
  • Demonstrate knowledge and skills in fabricating and fitting provisional prostheses