CDAMP MODULE VIII.  OVERVIEW  (Expanded Restorative Functions – BSH 9195)


Dear CDAMP student: 

According to the New York State Education Department, all future graduates of licensure-qualifying programs in certified dental assisting must demonstrate competence in the following: 

  • Placing and removing temporary restorations
  • Placing, condensing, and carving amalgam restorations
  • Placing, condensing, and finishing non-metallic restorations 

In order to meet these licensing requirements for dental assisting certification in New York State, “CDAMP Module VIII, Expanded Restorative Functions”, was developed.  Completing this module will satisfy the requirements for certification.  Module VIII covers the theory and skills required for the above listed competencies. 

This module is offered in a workbook format to be mailed to registrants.  Assigned videos will be available on the website.

Skill sheet evaluations are located in Section 4 of the workbook. 

 The following topics are covered in detail: 

  • Caries classification
  • Individual tooth anatomy
  • Matrix placement and removal
  • Utilizing indirect vision
  • Properties, indications, and selection of materials
  • Preparation, mixing, placing and carving/finishing restoratives
  • Temporary restoration

Restorations are to be performed on a prepped typodont, available through our program, to be turned in for credit along with the skill sheets and workbook assignments.