Math gives us hope that every problem has a solution


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Welcome to the Cohen Math page!! We are here to provide families with math tips, resources and ideas to help your student excel in math! Math is in our every day lives, even if we don't know it. We use math everyday to tell us what time to go to work or to school, to pay bills, to buy supplies, to cook dinner. There are so many times each day that math touches our lives. It is important that we feel comfortable using math in order to have confidence and succeed in our everyday. As teachers, we understand that some students have anxiety, fears, or doubts about math. Math can become very difficult if we miss a step, or do not know how to practice. That's why we are here to help!! On this page you will find resources for home and away, for your computer, tablet, phone, printables, and games to play with the whole family!! If you would like additional help or have questions, you can contact the team by going to the contact link. We hope you enjoy the school year!

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