Welcome to Sierra’s eportfolio!


In my life, I’ve faced many challenges health-wise. However, I’ve always managed to come through victorious and try my best at everything that I do despite the challenges I have faced. Through everything, I’ve managed to get superb grades in most classes. I push myself even when I’d like to give up. I’m incredibly persistent and determined to learn in all areas. I’ve achieved high honor roll on multiple occasions and often receive praise for my work ethic. When I do something, I like to do it well and take pride in my tenacious nature.


I’ve grown in many ways. Reflecting on my life and past experiences shows me just how far I have come. I’ve learned more about myself through writing and sharing pieces of my story. I struggled with coming up with achievements at first but can now recognize that I have accomplished things, even if I have had difficulties throughout my high school career. While my health hasn’t been the best, I’ve persisted in school and trying to improve myself both mentally and physically. 


Compiling this portfolio has been beneficial in helping me reflect on my life and just how far I have come. I’ve improved my insight on myself and who I am. I can only hope that it will hearten others in knowing that I am unyielding and will never give up in any situation or circumstance. I’ve explored many possibilities of what my future could hold but have landed on the fact that I would like to become a Forensic Scientist. I’m currently taking a Forensics class to get a taste of what that would consist of. I’ve always had an interest in criminal justice, so it feels right and more natural than other career options I’ve looked into. Thank you so much for taking the time to view this and learn more about me!