What is drama and how can you help prevent it?

Drama is a really bad problem that has been happening around school and here are some things that we need to talk about. What is drama and how can you help prevent it.

First question: What is drama?

Drama is things like rumors and gossip about other people. It spreads like wildfire does in a dry area, feeding off rumors and gossip until it gets out of control and bursts.

Our second question: How can you help prevent drama? 

First, try and stay out of drama if possible. If you happen to be told a rumor, or get caught in gossip and are asked to spread it to others, don’t. Gossip and rumors make the gossiped or rumored person feel like they are encased in a little shell and everyone  is looking down on them laughing, in disgust, or meanly. Second is that to assume that rumors are false, rather than true.