Diversity Club

I have experienced many things in my life but possibly the experience i take the most pride in was creating The Watkins Glen high school Diversity club. I wrote in the schools newspaper at the time and i worked on two articles towards the creation of the group. and now I’m vice president of the club. This experience will positively effect me for the rest of my life because it was my first act of standing up for what i believe in and fighting for something that people needed. This will always stay with me because i love changing the world for the better even if its just writing a few papers that make a support group for students form. I will always work to make life better. 


Spark! Regional Leadership Conference 

I had the lucky enough to attend the spark conference, in which there are many sessions with speakers touching on a multitude of topics. Having the ability to talk to so many adults with different personalities and learn from them was such an amazing opportunity. I think the most amazing moment was being able to speak personally with Ariel Moodie, who is a national speaker. At first i didn’t recognize him to be the speaker of that night so when we spoke it was casual, he really gave me insight on how to be more understanding when it comes to the other people in my life as well as how to better maintain relationships in my life, both personal and business relationships are important.



seinor trip       

My seinor trip was incredible, it really was my final goodbye to the younger me and i grew up and opened up to new ideas, and experiences. It meant the world to me because i got to be near my friends and i don’t get that much since I’m working really hard to get ahead in life. I forgot how important these memories are until then and i took close to 500 photos during the trip. it taught me to never take any moment for granted. 


Having mono

I had mono for over 18 months, and it was possibly the hardest thing i have ever gone through in my life. I wasn’t aloud to do so many of the things that were normal for me and that was so hard. I wasn’t allowed to go to school, i wasn’t allowed to help around my house or do anything that was normal for me. I struggled with my school work because i wasn’t in school and my grades suffered from it. Further more i was extremely depressed because I felt like I wasn’t needed and i hated that i couldn’t help my family. This was an amazing learning experience because I realized how important little things in a life can mean the world to me. I used to hate going to school and ever since I’ve been allowed to come back to school I have loved every second of it. Honestly before this experience I didn’t have any real goals in life and now I’m going for my PhD in Psychiarty. If you would have asked me sophomore year what i wanted in life i wouldn’t have given you a straight answer and now i have a full plan