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Hello, as shown my name is Ashley Smith. I am a student from Watkins Glen High School, in 12th grade. Outside of school I have 3 jobs 2 of them run year round. So my life is pretty busy on-top of classes and taking 3 college level classes to help my first year at college go a little smoother. In my portfolio you’ll read about my accomplishment and what I do. 

Creating each part of my portfolio helped me realize who I really am and what I have done to help others. It made me think a lot about what I actually do and writing it, how to word somethings. Some struggles I went through was thinking about how to explain each topic in a way that the readers would understand. Every time I got on to work on it, it was so hard to stop and do other things because, this was about me and I always like learning more about me and seeing what I have accomplished and awarded in life. I have learned about myself as hard as it might be to write about yourself in terms of other people being able to understand was actually easy, and as a student I have accomplished awards that most students cant say they have. 

Completing and creating this portfolio will be beneficial to me because I can use it for scholarships to help explain myself, and also to have a portfolio already created and made about me for when I am getting a job outside of school and college. I am one who always like to be organized, creative and problem solver, as shown in my personal brand. These skills were helpful with me making my portfolio. All my skills I used to create my portfolio can be used in the real world and in a job. When I graduate high school I’m going to go to Corning Community College and double major in Accounting and Business Administration. I hope my portfolio helped you learned more about me, my skills, and accomplishments that I have made so far. Thank you for taking the time to look through and read my portfolio.