Welcome to my portfolio page “Life is a succession of lessons which must be lived to be understood”-Thomas Calye

My name is Ava VanDusen and I am currently a freshman at Watkins Glen high school. I will be graduating in the year 2021 and am taking a college sign language course next year. I have learned many life lessons that have helped me become more focused and really open myself up to new job opportunities. I have taken on many life problems weather it’d be with family or academics I have always remained calm and collected. I am extremely excited to continue my future years in high school and take more serious classes. I will be attending college after my senior year and hopefully will be attending Stanford. I am actively involved in many after school activates including sports such as volleyball, soccer and softball. I also play on many travel league sports teams.
You can learn more about me in my cover letter and resume down below.

resumeAva VanDusen’s cover letter