For the past two years, I have worked as part-time help at Reisinger’s Apple Country picking berries and helping on the orchard. Through this job, I have learned that I need to be patient and listen at all times. I need to listen carefully to the orders given to me so I don’t do the job wrong and make more work for not only myself, but for the rest of the people working with me as well. I need to be honest when I make mistakes and I have learned that I need to communicate with others more and ask for help when I need it.

In the fall of 2017, I have also worked as a soccer official for CVSA Soccer Association and I am planning to work again this spring. The job is seasonal and I have learned that I need to know how to stand up for myself. Working as a ref, you never know who you are going to see and encounter so you need to always come prepared to handle yourself. You also need to come to the job prepared because you need certain equipment for the job. I have learned that you need to have communication because you need to talk with coaches, parents, your coworkers, and your boss.

Over the past summer, my family and I took a vacation to Nova Scotia, Canada. We drove all around the province and during that trip, I have learned many things, including Nova Scotia actually means “New Scotland”. After going to many museums and even watching a Caleigh, I learned a lot about the music and culture of both Scotland and Nova Scotia. My family and I were very impressed at the information we learned and now, ever since I returned home, I think of the Scottish music and dancing when I am Irish dancing.  I was amazed at the many similarities between Scotland and Ireland and I will never forget the amazing trip to Nova Scotia.

When I was on the Modified girls soccer team in 8th grade, I was chosen to be the head captain. Throughout the season, I learned a variety of leadership skills such as interacting and making the other teammates fell better and being the go-to for many questions or concerns. I had to deal with some tough times with the rest of the team but I realized I had to deal with it the best I could. I had to resolve minor arguments between teammates and I also made it my responsibility to keep everybody on the team smiling. Even when girls had a bad day, I was always there for them to talk to and be with. When there was conflicts I couldn’t resolve, I wasn’t afraid to ask my coach for help. Along with being the head captain, I was also an on the field coach. During games and practices, I helped girls understand the sport better and work well with others. 

Through my experiences, I have learned many skills such as leadership, teamwork, listening well, and communicating well with others. I have learned about different cultures through my vacations and I plan on learning and having many more experiences in the coming years.