About Me

Where I’ve Been 

As a child, I was the sort of girl who enjoyed playing outdoors just as much as I appreciated curling up with a fiction novel, or watching a documentary with my father. My parents helped me to cultivate a love for reading which would later inspire my greatest passions in life: writing and learning. From the age of seven, I often could be found, pen in hand, imagining stories of fairies and strong willed princesses. Even when I’d had my vision for the future set upon a course in the medical field, I knew at my heart that there could be nothing which would bring me greater joy than bringing pen to page. Now, some fourteen years after I declared to my family I intended to be a doctor, I am envisioning life as a journalist. I have thrown my heart and soul into our school paper, the Seneca Times, where my skills not only as a journalist but in editorial roles have burgeoned. In the matter of academics, I am often someone whom my friends rely upon, in part due to my enduring thirst for knowledge, one which has combined with my passion for writing to develop an uncanny talent and admitted love for penning essays, particularly those historical or opinionated in nature. 



As a young woman ever in possession of a certain determination, my plans for the future were always in the foreground of my mind. Upon completion of my high school career I plan to attend Finger Lakes Community College as a Communications major. There I will expand my character, network, and resume to develop a more complete sense of self. It is my goal to be accepted during my academic career at F.L.C.C. to the prestigious Newhouse program at Syracuse University. From this, I strive to ready myself for a career in the field of journalism. 


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