Job Shadow: Ellen Mathers : Massage therapist

Throughout my high school career I’ve experienced multiple situations that would benefit me in the career of massage therapy. One of these situations I was privileged to have the opportunity to Job shadow with Miss Ellen Mathers, a massage therapist. I picked this piece of work because, I’ve always had a passion for helping people around me and  have always wanted to have a career that has me working in a  positive atmosphere. I learned additional reasons why massage therapy is beneficial as well as other types of therapies like, aromatherapy, reiki, sound therapy. During this job shadow Ellen Mathers was very helpful in helping me have a better understanding in the world of massage. Whether that be in a education aspect or in a daily work experience, she really let me see a new perspective of the life of a massage therapist.

Spark conference :  at the Harbor Hotel

While attending the spark conference at the Harbor Hotel, I learned multiple ways how to deal with difficult people and difficult situations. I also learned that in difficult situations there is always a way to remove yourself and your mind set from the situation at hand. During this spark conference I got the opportunity to engage in conversation with very influential people. I’m extremely thankful that I have gotten this opportunity as a high school senior. This experience has shaped me into a well educated young adult who is now only going to strive for greatness with this new found confidence in myself due to this opportunity I got to encounter.


Service Learning: Mr. Pettit’s  8th grade anatomy class

I get the opportunity to assist children in their class and help mold their young minds into deeper and more critical thinkers. I help organize files for Mr. Pettit’s grading system, and occasionally take on the responsibility of watching over the class and making sure the students are doing what they are supposed to be and learning the curriculum to their best ability. I enjoy this experience greatly, and am grateful for the skills this has taught me, to communicate effectively across age groups and authority levels.  


Sign Language : Mrs. Sterner’s sign language class

I am very fluent in sign language. I believe me being able to express to someone else what they want or need in a different way that they can understand me, that’s sets me apart from other massge therspist.