Letter of Introduction:

My name is Dalton Cummings. I am a senior at Watkins Glen High School. I am seventeen years old and am looking forward to moving on to the next opportunities in my life after graduation. I am a hardworking student-athlete that has work experience and also volunteer experiences that you will further read about in my portfolio. After looking over my portfolio you will see that I would be a strong candidate for any job I would apply for.

By creating this portfolio I got to actually reflect on myself and see my hard work I have done throughout my years of high school. All my hard work is finally starting to pay off and people are now seeing what I have done these past years. While creating this portfolio I realized my strengths and the places where I need improvement. Throughout this portfolio I showed my strengths and my strong work ethic. I have learned that I am a very hardworking person with a strong work ethic and I hope that you can see that after reviewing my portfolio.

This portfolio will benefit me to be able to express myself to others in an organized way. It allows people to get to know me without meeting me in person. It shows them what type of person I am.


Cover Letter