Welcome to Kelsey DeMillo’s E-Portfolio.


Cover Letter

Welcome to my E-Portfolio!

I am a fun, sociable individual looking for a good job, that I will enjoy doing. I love volunteering and helping people out as much as I can. At Watkins Glen High School i have been on high honor roll since 6th grade. I am a dedicated worker and always turn in my assignments on time. In my portfolio you will read about my prior experience that will help me in this position and also some of my goals and interests.

Creating this portfolio is beneficial to me because i have all of my documents and extra information about me all in one place. It is quick easy access to anything i might need, and is accessible to many different people. The pieces in this portfolio and creating this portfolio will help me in the “real world” by helping me apply for any different jobs i might want to apply for. Also, the documents in my E-Portfolio can be used for more than one thing.