Working Experience

I worked for a food pantry for 6 weeks in the summer of 2017. I really liked my boss and did everything she asked. I never missed 1 day of work and I was never late.


Quality Work

I’ve written poems, written many essays, and I do like to draw and do a bit of 3D modeling at home.  I draw,you guessed it, cars. 

In my 9th grade year, I scored highest in my class on my math Regents test which I’m still very proud of and so are my grandparents. This could really help me realize that you need to work hard in order to get good at something. I studied and studied a day before the tests and I’m happy I did. I did so well and i said to myself, “if I keep doing this and working hard, I’ll for sure get noticed by someone and put into an amazing job.”



These things are sort of important. When it was the last day I worked at the food pantry, everyone was happy that I worked hard and never missed a day. I put in that drawing part because I just really like to draw. Its so fun to learn how to do perspective and to draw my favorite cars. Writing is very fun. I like to write stories but for myself not for others. I love to get creative and put in amazing moments of mystery and disaster and when I sit back and read it, I always think the parts of intense action or love or awful are just amazing.