About Me



career interest 

my goals are to play guitar in a band  in front of millions of people, things that interest me are the military because my grandfather went into the military and i really like music i like how everyone is joined in a group listening to the same stuff and everyone is just happy. sports that interest me are football my favorite team is the green bay packers and another sport that i kinda like is baseball cause my dad played baseball when he was younger and my favorite team in baseball is the Yankees. some of my hobbies are that i play guitar and i do it really well iv been playing for 2 years now i am self tought and iv only played on stage once. another one of my hobbies are that i know a lot about ancient history like the Greeks and Romans and all of there achievements. i go to watkins glen high school and i am a sophmore and i have been going here my whole life. i came first in a run in school, i am really good at guitar,drums,and bass guitar and i can also sing. to work at a guitar store and build up through the buisnuss and maybe own it one day.