About Me

Hi, I am a fourteen year old freshman at Watkins Glen High School. Below is information separated into different categories which will tell you about me.


When I graduate from high school I would like to attend a college but have not yet decided on which college to apply. I would like to get a Bachelors Degree or higher in mathematics


My career interest is anything in the category of the production of games, although if I was given a choice, I would be a game developer.

If I do manage to make it into the game development career then I would like to work my way up to a technical director in a well known game designing company such as Activision or Ubisoft.


I have only been able to play one sport so far in my high school year which is tackle football, but the basketball season is about to start and I have already joined the team.


Although I don’t have a job in the game development category, or a job in general, I do make games on my free time with a little known program named lua. I have also started learning new programs and messing around with them to see what they can do such as Java, Swift, Ruby, Python, C++, and other applications. I think game developing is an amazing thing because while you can make whatever your imagination comes up with, its also very helpful for problem solving in every day life because you learn that if something doesn’t work, there is always another way to get the job done.


A lot of my talents come from  what I have learned during my coding sessions. I am a very good problem solver, whether the problem is on the computer, or if its in real life. Another talent I have is organization. I’m not very good at organizing binders but rather planning events or, when I’m coding, the process that I am going to go through to get something working.

Post-Secondary Plans:

If I don’t make it in the game development career, I would like to join the NAVY.  I want to join the NAVY because it would mean I am benefiting my country and I also enjoy the traveling aspect of it. 

A career that interests me