I had a job during the summer as summer help at Cameron Manufacturing and Design. I worked eight hour shifts five days a week. I helped with assembling and preparing parts to be welded together. I also painted many rooms within the four buildings that the company has along with other maintenance projects. This helps me in the future because it allowed me to become responsible (being at work everyday by 6 o’clock am.). 


Recently this year i have joined two clubs. I’m involved in the Yearbook Club and also Art Club. Yearbook club is fun, we design the yearbook, plan and design pages for the book and sometimes even take the pictures that go in the book. This helps me learn to plan my time because it all has a deadline on when it needs to be done. Art Club is also a very fun club and being the President of Art Club I have to be responsible. In Art Club we make arts and craft and soon will sell them so we can go on a trip by the end of the year. I really enjoy both of these clubs. This helps me in the future because I’ve learned leadership skills. 



So, I’ve traveled to many places and plan on travelling the world in the future. I have traveled to Florida, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Georgia, New Jersey and been to New York City many times. This helps me in the future because it helps me think of landscaping and ideas for Landscape Architecture. 


Quality Work 

Something that I put forth a lot of effort in, is my art work. This is something I enjoy a lot. I do this on my free-time but i’m also in art classes and a club. This helps me in the future because it shows my dedications and creative skills.