Summer Job

Last year during the summer I worked at the Watkins Glen State Park. I had more fun than I thought I would. Through the summer I was doing maintenance. To sum up the job I was at the main entrance in town taking care of the lawn and giving visitors directions to the gorge trial. 


In the summer while I was working I was pretty much the boss of the main entrance besides my obvious supervisors, I had to decide when to do all the work etc.

Public Speaking

In one of my classes in school (Public Speaking) we recently had to do a music video where we created lyrics to promote our school. While doing this I was in charge of recording just about everything and had to make decisions on what to cut/ record.

Volunteer Work

Through high school I have helped shovel snow, rake leaves, and overall lawn care for my church that I’ve gone to for my whole life.

Why they’re Important to me?

I’ve chosen to write about all of these topics because they symbolize a few characteristics that are important to me such as leadership, enjoying your job, and public speaking. These are important traits that everyone needs to be successful in life.