Work Experience 

Great Escape Ice Cream Parlor:

Throughout the spring and summer of 2018 I worked at Great Escape, where I waited on customers, stocked inventory, and cleaned. While working there I learned a lot of people skills, such as patience, listening, and communication. I also learned how to handle a great deal of responsibility.  While working at Great Escape, there would be days where the line would be out the door the entire afternoon, during these times my organization and stress management came in very handy.  I really enjoyed working at Great Escape,  and I am set to begin my second season in April.

Resingers Apple Country:

During the fall of 2018 I worked at Resingers, where I would bag apples, stock shelves, and make goodies such as caramel apples and popcorn. While working there I learned a lot about teamwork and what it took to make a business run so smoothly.  While working at Resingers there was also a 2 month period of time where I was still working at Great Escape, on top of going to school, I learned a lot about time management during that time and I still incorporate those skills into my everyday life.


Since I was 13 years old I have been babysitting, wether it is my younger siblings, neighbors, or family friends, I have always been good with kids. My experience with babysitting shows my ability to lead and take charge.



Yearbook Club, for the past two years I have been a member of my school’s yearbook club. During my first year I went on a trip to New York City where we went to a conference at Columbia University for yearbook and journalism students. While I was there I learned lots of new ways to improve our yearbook for the following year. However, at the beginning of my senior  year our yearbook advisor was moved to a different building in the school, making it so she was unable to advise yearbook. For the first few months of school there was no yearbook because nobody wanted to advise it, but my friends and I kept pushing for it and we finally found two advisors for this years yearbook club. During this time I learned a lot about perseverance and teamwork, both skills that are valuable in everyday life.