About Me

Goals and Post Secondary Plans;

As for my future, my goals are to graduate from Watkins Glen High School in June of 2018. As for before that, my goal is to get into the New Visions program that GST BOCES offers.  This program will give me a good transition into college and will allow me to explore the heath careers. After graduating high school, become a student in the Nursing Program at Corning Community College in August of 2018.  Upon completing the program in May of 2020, take the New York State Boards exam to obtain my RN License.  Doing so will allow me to be a candidate for a position at a local hospital.  Finally allowing me to settle down, build the house of my dreams, travel, but most of all continue furthering my education.  

Interests and Hobbies;

My life is always very busy; the time I have for myself though doesn’t involve me just sitting back.  I live at home with my parents and we have chickens as pets, and they are like children to my parents.  I love collecting the eggs and playing with the chickens; they all have their own personalities.  As for my parents and family, I love them and my life wouldn’t be the same without them.  They are always having fun and putting a smile on each other’s face.  Everyone is supportive and with all these qualities, my weekends are guaranteed to be spent with them when I am given time.  During the nice weather of New York,  Friday through Sunday, beautiful Seneca Lake receives our company.  We love to enjoy the sun and the water to float on.  Working, doesn’t allow me to spend as much time as I would enjoy on the lake but it just makes me cherish the time I do have.  Tori is a very good friend of mine that is always there for me and when given time I am sure to be going to her family owned farm with her to milk cows.   

Letters of Recommendation;

From: Mrs. Popovich

From: Ms. Coon

From: Jason Hudson