Work Experience

Tobey’s Donut Shop

Working at Tobey’s Donut Shop as helped me learn the different tasks in a job and how hard you have to push yourself in order to keep going. During the past two summers, I had the opportunity to work at Tobey’s Donut Shop.  Tobey’s is a fast paced job as I was constantly going back and fourth, cleaning, drying, and putting away the dishes. I had to work around the customers and my co-workers, while not getting flustered. If I needed help, my peers would kindly help me and I would do the same. I also would do extra tasks, like helping at the counter or taking out food. Interacting with others was never a strong suite, but I learned that it wasn’t too difficult and it is something that I will continue to work on.  Working at Tobey’s Donut Shop, I have developed work ethic skills necessary for today’s workforce. 


ACE Accounting

This year, I am taking an ACE Accounting class. I work hard and get the assignments done on time. If the work is difficult, I ask for help and if others needed help, I would help them since I knew the material we learned. It was very easy for me to pick up what the teach taught because I was able to focus in the classroom, and I was confident working with numbers. If i made a mistake I would learn what I did wrong and then correct it.  The skills I have learned will be valuable in the future as Accounting is the language of business and one day I hope to work in a business setting.

Volunteer Experience

Play Set Designer

For my Junior and Senior year, I have worked with others to design the background and props for our High School Senior play. It was fun; I got to learn new things and ways to design and reuse items for new things from our Director/Set designer. We had to work hard everyday and get a certain prop done on a set due date in order to complete all the props needed. During the rehearsals I also helped with costume changes and moving props on and off the stage, all in a couple of seconds. I followed directions from our Director and Backstage manager to get sets changed quickly and efficiently so it didn’t cause any problems during the show or rehearsals.  This volunteer experience has given me skills such as:  working on a team, following directions, setting goals, and most importantly, time management.