Welcome to Brittany Luke’s e-portfolio! 

Hello everyone! Welcome to my Advance E-Portfolio. My name is Brittany Luke. I was born and raised in New York State. I have been in New York State for most of my life I’ve lived in PA, and NJ. I am currently a sophomore at Watkins Glen High School. I am currently taking all the necessary classes I need to take in this year of high school but I am taking two classes that I choose are Career and Financial Management and American Sign Language. Watkins Glen High School gives me many things that I can take beside the classes I need to take. In future I want to be a Substance Abuse and Behavior Disorder Counselor. In 9th grade I took Study Art. Also in 9th grade in English class we did a debate unit and it helped with my speaking in front of a lot of people. I am a hard working, determined positive worker. 

I am writing this letter of introduction to give you an idea of my career goals, and how I will achieve them. By creating and compiling this E-Portfolio it can be very beneficial to me as a person. Some ways this can be beneficial to me is it shows what I have done in high school and what I like to do on my free time and how I determined I am to get things done. The things I have done in my high school years so far can help me with my future. 
My best work sample was in the 9th grade debate unit in English. With my teacher’s help, I learned how to achieve my fear of public speaking and speaking in front of my classmates. It has helped  me with my speaking and reading in front of people, it has made me more confident. This unit helped with my confidence and I still have that confidence  when I read or speak in front of people but the nerves are still there. I learned not to give up on myself when I don’t know something or don’t understand something. I have learned how to be organized with my work, speaking and writing.
I have learned a lot about myself that I didn’t really remember, by doing this E-portfolio. I know in the future that I can get anything done if I put my mind to it, and not give up on myself. 


Cover Letter