Welcome to the Genevieve Osborne`s Experiences Page

In the summer of 2017 I worked at The Glen Diary Bar from April To August. I enjoyed working there and I liked to work with people and having costumers. 

Quality work I have done is an letter/essay I had to write in honors English. The essay was about our town and myself so we could send it to a student in Rwanda. I thought I did a very good job in my letter/essay. I think I did a good job explaining our town and why tourist love to come here, so I was proud of my work.

I selected my job over the summer because that was what filled most of my summer with and I enjoy working. I cant wait to be able to get a real job that I love to do and to start working in the real world. I also chose the essay/letter I wrote because I felt that I did a good job with writing it and explaning our town and my life. They connect by, working made me relize all the tourist that come to our town to see the beauty of it. So I wanted to write what others come here for and I think I did a good job. I talked about the lake and how amazing it is, and the gorge that I walk many times a year and all the little falls in side of it.