I work at the Decoy, it is a restaurant lounge. i am a dishwasher. i have been working there for almost 2 years now. it takes much responsibility to work at a place like this even though i may only work one or two days a week, on top of school it is a lot. i take pride in my job, and how hard i work.


I selected this because working at the decoy has given me so much experience and skills that i may need at whatever job i work at next in life.



I have been a leader on the cross country team for this season, it takes a lot to be a leader for a group like this. but it has been nice and i take pride in having a successful team that i have helped and put in an amazing role to fill. i am hoping to be an leader on the indoor and outdoor track team. i love to fill these rolls. 


I choose this because the cross country team is a huge part of my life. i plan to run for the next majority of my life in collage and perhaps after and i know that what leadership rolls i have taken on i will be able to take on at any job.


I feel like travel is a way to let lose and in my opinion travel is life. the more you travel the better life is, you see more. so with my job in the future hope to travel a lot. travel is very important to me. this Christmas me and my family are traveling to Aruba. this will be a great experience for me out of the school system. 


I selected this because travel is a big part of my life. and i will want to be able to travel in any job or work place i take on.

Quality of work:

I am well aware of my duties in school. I am a high honor student in Watkins glen high school. I make sure I complete all work with the time it needs. I work at a restaurant and make sure I am one of my bosses and favorite dishwasher. I have preformed lots of duties around my community such as mowing lawns. I take much pride. 


In this i selected jobs that i participate in, these jobs i take pride in. what i have learned from these jobs can aid to a more serious job. jobs that can take the same principles and different duties and i am confident that i can preform in these job environments because i know the job i are in are done well. I learned how to be a responsible person and reliable to my coworkers.