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Issue 5

Academic Integrity

What are your thoughts about cheating and academic integrity in high school?
It's honestly disgusting, cheating won't get you anywhere in life.
I believe that it is wrong, but I do understand why students feel the need to cheat.
My thoughts about cheating and academic integrity in high school is it should be non existent. It should not be allowed. A student should earn the grade they deserve and not the grade that another student deserves.
I believe that high school assignments are all too often focused on grades instead of actually teaching the students what they should know. Most students focus on trying to memorize information just long enough to pass a test, to then only forget it once the test has passed. Therefore the kids never remember what has been taught. This is likely due to the way the school system has forced kids to be more concerned about a grade than becoming more knowledgeable.
It's important to stay honest with you schoolwork and take pride in what you do. But, it is a lot easier to copy someones answers than to stress yourself out over a test. I think that is why many people cheat, because it's easy and they want good grades, but the easy way isn't always the right way.



What is your reaction to the findings that nearly 60% of all students reported cheating on academic work?
Someone needs to convince these people that they will get nowhere in life by doing this.
I thought that I would be surprised about such high numbers, but then... as horrible as the numbers are, I was not surprised.
My reaction is very surprised. Students should have the want to get their own grade on their own tests. They shouldn't rely on other people.
It doesn't surprise me in at all. in fact, I feel that 60% is a small number compared to what I've personally seen in the classroom. Students often create group chats to share answers and work together on assignments.
I'm not shocked, I know for a fact that it happens all the time. It is a lot easier to take a picture of your friends homework and write down their answers than to spend an hour of your own time working the problems out yourself.



What is your reaction to the findings that nearly 64% of all students have allowed other to cheat from their work?
Students who are allowing that are basically just making this situation worse, it's like feeding an addiction.
I have seen so many of my classmates cheat before off of each other... I believed that the numbers would be lower but not non-existent.
That is surprising as well. Students should not want to help other people do well on tests because they are setting them up for failure in the real world.
Same as the last. not surprised. kids are more worried about a grade than an education because of the way the school system has taught them
Again, I'm not surprised. It seems as if you're helping your friends out in hopes that if you're ever in they're situation they'll help you out.



What is your reaction to the findings that nearly 74% of all students reported that cheating is morally wrong?
At least they know it is wrong, I doubt they will even do anything about it however.
this was what I found oddest of all because if so many students think that this is so bad, then why do so many students do it anyway.
My reaction is surprised. This surprises me because most students believe it is fine to cheat.
Still not surprised. Students hate that they cheat, but in the current schooling world cheating is one of the easiest and most consistent ways to get a passing grade without spending almost every minute studying
They're right. Cheating is wrong, but I believe it will still happen no matter what. Students will go to any means to get a good grade the easy way.



What should be done about cheating at WGHS?
We need to actually address this problem. We cannot just let it hide in the closet. However, there should really be a system to prevent cheating from happening, what that might be? I don't know exactly.
I think that no matter how hard we try, no matter what we do... cheating will never stop. I believe that it is just one of those things that is always there.
What should be done about cheating at WGHS is the students should be highly monitored while taking test/quizzes.
The school system should try to focus less on grades and more on teaching kids for them to learn the information and not passing a test.
I think this situation should just be left alone. It may be morally wrong to do, but its also inevitable. School is stressful enough, working as a team takes a slight weight off the load.