8:1:1 Program

Welcome to the 8:1:1 Program.  8:1:1 means up to 8 students, 1 teacher, and 1 teaching assistant.  We have 6th grade through 8th graders in our program who all have low average to average cognitive ability.  The students in our program may have a mental health diagnosis and display challenging behaviors that interfere with learning in a general education setting.  In our program we have 2 teachers and a social worker.  Ms. Ferreira teaches Math and Humanities and Mrs. Shupp teaches Science and English Language Arts (ELA).

In our program students will take the general education curriculum in a smaller class setting.  We work with students on social and behavioral skills using adult support and consistency.


Curriculum Focus:

  • General education curriculum

  • Social and behavioral skills

  • Career exploration

Program Supports:

  • Behavior management program within the classroom

  • Some may need a BSP (Behavior Support Plan) or BIP (Behavior Intervention Plan)

  • Smaller class setting

  • Adult support and consistency in routines and expectations

  • Instructional program focuses on meeting emotional/behavioral needs while addressing academic skills

  • Counseling is based on student needs – students may have group and/or individual counseling weekly, biweekly, or every other day

  • Assistance with coping skills

  • Crisis support

  • Instruction and support with social and behavioral skills

  • Frequent collaboration and communication with parents and community service providers – we require parents/guardians to participate in a parent conference once each trimester