I worked my first summer busing tables and filling the salad bar at The Seneca Lodge. I have also worked at the Seneca Lodge throughout the past spring and fall. 


    • Spaghetti dinner at the Hector Presbyterian Church
    • Adopt the Highway with the Lions Club
    • Chicken Dinner at the Hector Presbyterian Church
    • 30 hour famine
    • Soup kitchen at St. Mary’s Church
    • Holiday Bazaar helper
    • Vacation bible school group leader
    • Mission Trip to Atlanta
    • Mission Trip to Philadelphia
    • Rehab center
    • Inner city children’s camp
    • Served at dinner for the poor
    • Work on Mennonite Farm
    • Food bank
    • Medshare boxing


I have traveled in and outside of the United States. Every year my family skis in Quebec, Canada, I have visited the Niagara Falls, annually visited Florida, gone on a cruise to several Caribbean Islands and I am travelling to France and The United Kingdom this Spring.


  • An active representative of our student council
  • 4 year class officer
  • Officer of National Junior Honor Society


Quallty Work

Debate letter 

Islam Fashion Essay

Short Story

Carnival Presentation

The Three Little Pigs


This portfolio has helped me prepare for my future. I have learned to explore my accomplishments and awards. I now know I need to become more involved in clubs for the purpose of experiences.  While looking through my past works I chose the pieces of writing I felt most proud of and I had the highest grades on.  My travels have helped me learn about the world and learn about people of different cultures. My travels have helped me to understand the background of my peers and better understand the world. Volunteering, especially going on mission trips, has helped me to become a more understanding person. Volunteering teaches me to be thankful for everything I have and helps me to understand the minorities of our country. Working this past summer has taught me the value of hard work and dedication. Also, working in the food service industry has taught me to appreciate all of the effort that goes into a meal in a restaurant.