Welcome to Tyler’s ePortfolio!


Hi my name is Tyler Barber, and I have experience working with heavy equipment.  I also have experience in cooking.  I enjoy cooking eggs, steak (as you have to cook that perfectly), hamburgers, hot dogs, and spaghetti.

School has been a struggle for me for many years.  This year I have turned a new leaf.  I started to pay attention more in classes as I know it’s my last year.  If I do not pass this year, I will not graduate.  I began completing my homework at home, preparing for tests and passing them, and making new friends.  I decided that the friends I had had a big impact on y schooling and it was not a positive impact.  My new friends boost my confidence and help me out a lot in class.

As you can see in my portfolio, I have many experiences that could lead to good things in life.  I hope you enjoy my eportfolio.


Cover Letter