One of my most favorable experiences in High School was playing soccer on the modified team. I played defense so we would receive shout outs from our goalie on how to stay coordinated and it was great cooperation and we really moved as one unit to stop the ball from going into our goal. When one person moved others filled the position. It was just a great experience to have, being part of highly functional team that would move as one, it felt like we already new where to go before the play had began thanks to our wonderful goalie and i truly appreciate that feeling of teamwork.

Another great experience I had at Watkins Glen High School was when i was moving up to the high school I was inducted into National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). This is a great volunteer service organization that takes students from all over the United States and helps them find local charities that need there help, or just people in need receiving help from their local NJHS. It was a great organization and we had a wonderful President  and Cabinet. They truly helped people and while our team was small, we raised a lot of money for local people without food and people with out enough money to afford clothe or presents for their children.

One great experience i have had in my life was creating a project with four other students over the weekend a while back. We had to create a poster board and write an essay in two days, and when we all arrived with the materials, none of us really got started. One of our team goofing around and the other three didn’t really know how to get started, So I stepped up and took the lead. We had Three people working on the Poster Board and two people on the Essay. When a person finished their section they would switch groups to review the others work and make changes if necessary. It was just a great experience working so cohesively with my fellow students.

My favorite experience I have had was at Village Christmas. Village Christmas is a town wide Christmas parade and booths and stalls that local families can visit and see. I was running a desert booth to help raise some funds for a school project to bring water to south Sudan, and we manage to sell a lot of pastries and raise a lot of money to buy a new drill for south Sudan to drill new wells so the small villages could have cleaner water. It was a great experience to work with other students towards a goal that helped many people live a more comfortable life.