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Hello my name is Tapanga Kelly I am a student at Watkins Glen High School.  I am a volunteer fire fighter which is what I enjoy doing. I am very educated in this field which has also helped me grow as a individual due to the hard times and the sleepless nights where you don’t  realize what your in for.

In creating this portfolio it has helped me as an individual and my critical thinking because it showed me there is more than one thing I am educated in but having to choose which topic to present showed me what I am most passionate about. 

This portfolio will be beneficial to me because it will give the reader a small understanding of my life that they want to expand knowledge on. This portfolio will help me in the real world because its just a start and a piece of my life that has a bigger impact on my life. This impact on my life will shape me to become the best I can be. My future goal is to become a police officer and due to my knowledge I have with law enforcement. Thank you for taking the time to read my portfolio.