About Me

Future Plans

I personally feel I have exceedingly high expectations for myself. My overall education goal is a achieve a Doctorate in Psychology. To get there,  I plan on acquiring my advanced regents diploma with a CTE extension, to set me apart from the rest. I am currently enlisted in the US Air Force, when I leave for Basic Military Training, I will be enlisted for six years. In those six years I plan on obtaining my master’s degree in psychology, while still doing a job that will help me get a job out of the military. Following my six year enlistment, I’m not sure what my next step will be, if I decide to reenlist or go to get my Doctorate.  

Interest in Psychology

My main interests have always came back to psychology. As hobbies come and go, psychology has never stopped running through my mind from an early age. I love the idea that everyone’s mind and brain is different, everyone is going through different experiences due to their environment and brain chemistry.  I’ve always had a strong need to help as many people as possible, talking to people and advice has always been a strong suite for me. Psychology just seems to fit like a glove. 

Main Life Goal

My goal in majoring in psychology is to help as many people as possible. I used to want to make a global impact, until I realized the importance on individual impaction. I’d rather my patients remember me as being the best person they could’ve gone to, compared to the world knowing my name.


Along with psychology, I’m very interested in art. Painting is something I’ve done for years, art galleries bring me back into a good head space. Being able to express an idea or thought, using a handmade image instead of words has always amazed me. Finding new medias and different technics are always exceedingly fascinating, although I probably don’t get anywhere close to the pictures in my work, the experience of trying and appreciating the art is enough.

Swimmer’s Passion

From as long as I could remember, I was a swimmer. Even though I wasn’t on a team until 7th grade, swimming has always been in my life. My family recalls me shivering with blue lips, forcing me to get out of the water. Once I joined my school’s modified swim team, something sparked. I swam the 100 year Individual Medley, which mixes all the strokes. Once I got into varsity, my strokes changed. I needed up swimming a different stroke as a specialty each year. This past year I primarily swam breaststroke, although I made sectionals swimming backstroke without swimming it all season. Swimming gave me a sense of self discipline, by pushing my body when my mind was telling me to stop. It taught me how strong I really am, physically and mentally. But, what I pride myself most on, is how close my team was my senior year when I was head captain. If I were to talk about the girls on the team, I’d most likely refer to them as family. We are a group of strong and caring girls, who will always be there for one another. I happened to be honored with the sportsmanship award at the end of the season for how I captained my team. I say honored because there wasn’t my intention to get the award, it was a total shock. My only intention was to keep my girls going strong and have someone to go to when they needed something. Even after the season is over, we all talk, and are planning another get together with the team before the end of the year. 


I have always been told I can lead a group in my sleep as long as I’m passionate. Being able to direct a group of people to a common goal brings me such joy. My main leadership experience mostly consists of my Varsity swim team. On the other hand, I know when to step back and let someone else lead when I see they can handle a situation better than I can, or has different ideas no one has thought about prior. 

Letter Of Recommendation