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About me,

My name is Bryce J. Kelly I am currently in ninth grade attending Watkins Glen High School. School has always been very important to me and I strive to do my best every day. Being a great student is not the only thing important to me, I love sports. Every practice I give maximum effort and have good relations with my teammates as we have won Championships in Basketball. Even though I am fifteen I have been working during the summer since I was fourteen, I worked at Watkins Glen Supply a local hardware store, that is very successful. During these years until my graduation from high school I would like to find a job that I can impact in a positive way but also learn new skills I have not yet acquired. When I graduate from High School I would love to attend college, but before this I would love to make some extra money on the side to support myself.

I understand completely that you should be portraying full effort while on the job and not be loafing around during the day. For the two years I had worked I portrayed great effort everyday and showed up before or on time. With the general idea that I would like to work in the field of engineering or architecture, I have acquired many traits already along the way, such as great problem solving skills. On the job it is very important in my perspective to show your coworkers respect, as I believe building good relationship skills will help you get your work done at a faster pace because you will have others to help you if you have questions.

I love helping others and solving tough problems, even at a young age. I believe that helping others is one of the greatest parts of life and I realize that If I was in that persons shoes I would want help as well if there was a problem with whatever I am doing.  While many back down from tough problems, I love challenges, taking hours out of my day to figure out a problem brings me satisfaction while it might bring others discomfort. A good example of this is when everyone in my ninth grade math class could not figure out a problem on a worksheet it was the final question and instead of taking the same route as everyone else I did not give up and took half the class time to figure it out but once I did I was rewarded with extra credit because of my hard work.

I believe that if you show hard work you will be rewarded. In my eighth grade year I illustrated this the entire school year and the outcome was amazing at the end year assembly, I would receive multiple awards for high grades and great effort and attitude. It did not come easy though as I made many mistakes but I did what not many do I learned from the mistakes and corrected them.

In whatever you when you are in high school, college, sports, during your job. I believe you should always illustrate confidence. Confidence can be the factor if you get a job or if you do not but there is a big difference for me between being confident and being cocky.

I believe no matter what I end up doing in life that I will be successful. Like Martin Luther King Jr. said, “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”