One of my greatest experiences of my life so far is being on the JV Basketball team. Not because it was a winning team at the end but because we started at a low point, losing are first two games it was a bad start but instead of giving up, we worked harder than we had ever before, we made great team relationships and won the next five games, and would go on to the championship for are section, we would lose by five but still I learned so much. Such as respect for others, leadership, and teamwork. I hope to play next year with them again.

Traveling the world is very important to me so we went on a travel to the Bahamas while there I would learn so much more Spanish which might seem difficult but I loved it. It would help me so much for my Spanish class Final, while at the Bahamas I would also learn so much about there architecture and the way there country or island came to be, I am so happy that I was able to learn a new culture while I was there.

While in my CFM class we went on a field trip to corning community college to get some tips on interviewing, and some subjects to go into, while there I learned a substantial amount of tips on how to be a successful person in the business industry. I learned that public speaking is a great way to practice skills as it makes you better when an interview comes, also to always give it your all and be ready to change what you are doing and do something else.

On thing that I loved during school was my math and engineering courses because I learned so many problem solving skills which will help me in the subject I would like to go into I also worked with other teammates for a common goal and as a leader I would learn more teamwork, leadership, and respect skills for my peers.