MODULE I.  Communication in the Dental Office

A. Verbal & Nonverbal Communication

B. Patient Management

C. Dental Ethics & Jurisprudence

D. Patient Records

E. Charting

F. Computer Use

MODULE II.  Dental Anatomy & Physiology

A. Body Systems

B. Head and Neck Anatomy

C. Embryology & Histology

D. Tooth Morphology

MODULE III.  Work Place Safety

A. OHSA Standards

B. Disease Transmission & Infection Control

C. Management of Hazardous Materials

D. Emergency Management

MODULE IV.  Dental Radiography

A. Physics & Biological Effects of Radiation

B. Operator & Patient Safety

C. Radiograph Exposure & Development

D. Interpretation & Mounting

E. Imaging Systems

MODULE V.  Systemic Health

A. Patient Education

B. Nutrition

C. Vital Signs

D. Oral Pathology & Therapeutics

MODULE VI.  General Dental Practices

A. Operatory Preparation & Maintenance

B. Dental Procedures, Materials, & Instrumentation

C. Maintaining a Clear Operative Field

MODULE  VII.  Dental Specialties

A.  Cosmetic Dentistry & Tooth Whitening

B.  Prosthodontics

C. Periodontics

D. Orthodontics

E. Endodontics

F.  Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

G.  Related Laboratory Skills

MODULE VIII.  Expanded Restorative Functions (workbook format)

A.  Cavity Preparation Review

B.  Dental Amalgam Restorations

C.  Non-metallic Restorations

D.  Skill Evaluation