TIER I:  Present Status:

                No formal training and less than 2 years work experience

                Required Course Work:  Modules I – VIII plus 2 years of dental assisting work experience or the BOCES daytime Certified Dental Assisting Program

TIER II:  Present Status:

                Has at least 2 years of dental assisting work experience, and lacks DANB Certification, Usually has no formal education

                Required Course Work: Modules I –VIII

TIER III:  Present Status:

                  DANB Certification but has no formal education

                 Required Course Work:   Modules II, V, VI, VII, VIII  

TIER IV:  Present Status: 

                  Has completed a formal dental assisting education program but program was not a NYS Certified Dental Assisting Program as required by the NYS Certified Dental Assisting Law (i.e. graduate of SCT-BOCES Dental Assisting Program before June 1998) and DANB Certification  

                 Required Course WorkModule VII, VIII

                (Assistants who have applied to NYS for licensure and have been informed that there is an area of deficiency are usually placed in this “Tier” and are only required to take the course work needed to satisfy the specific deficiencies noted by the state.)

*** Classes taken for continuing education credit and/or partial completion of a dental assisting program will be evaluated for partial waiver on an individual basis.