About Me


Through my school, I play varsity girls basketball, cross country, and the past three years have been a part of the track team. This year, my varsity basketball team won a sectional title for the 3rd time in a row! I’m proud to say that I was a part of the team all three years and, this year, am a captain! I have been on the varsity cross country team since 8th grade and have won two sectional titles with my team and raced at states. Outside of my school teams, I play in a league called the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) for basketball. This league is nation-wide and highly competitive. I have won a number of tournaments playing in AAU and am grateful to have the opportunity to play the sport I love year-round.


My hobbies, other than sports, mainly includes supporting my friends and my family in all their events, reading books, and going on hikes and runs with my friends. I enjoy watching my friends play in their games or perform in concerts and the same goes for my two brothers. I also love to read. As of late, the books that I have been reading pertain to the area of my future career interest. My interests lie in the STEM field, particularly anything that heavily associated with mathematics.

Future Goals

In the future, I hope to attend either West Point, the Air Force Academy, or the University of Colorado at Boulder. If I attend West Point or the Air Force Academy, I will go into the military for 4-8 years. After completing my military quota I would go back to school for a Ph.D. or masters in physics, mathematics, or aerospace engineering. After completing a Ph.D. in either mathematics, aerospace engineering, or physics, I plan to get a job with either SpaceX or NASA and work on expanding the reach of human knowledge. I also aim to be a part of the Mars colonization and exploration.


I asked my physics teacher to write a recommendation for me. Here is the link: Recommendation