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Welcome to my portfolio! My name is Kathleen Clifford, and I am a student at Watkins Glen High School. I live in Burdett with my parents, Stacey and Paul, and my younger brother Tim, as well as my cat. I am a student athlete and spend my free time reading and taking pictures, as well as riding horses. I love school, especially history and math class. This portfolio will tell you about my interests and achievements, and of course, my goals, to give you a better picture of my life, and what direction I plan to guide it towards.

By creating this portfolio I hope it will guide me towards careers and college choices that will suit me, as I will have a better idea of who I am. The pieces of the portfolio will have me put my life and decisions in perspective, and the skills I will learn as I compile it will help me get into the colleges and career fields I want, once I enter the “real world.” I hope to enter the field of government jobs, entering politics and law enforcement, and I need to know what sect of this field will suit me, and therefore thinking about myself and the choices I have made will help me choose. Also these skills will help me later, as I attempt to develop a professional image in the professional world, as it will teach me what is acceptable, and what shows going above and beyond. I hope you enjoy reading my portfolio, as much as I enjoyed writing it!


Kathleen Clifford