• Seneca Harbor Station Hostess
  • Painted Bar Stables Head Girl
  • Fitness Room Moniter

Through working I have learned much about responsibility and communication. By being a hostess, it caused me to have to talk to people and make decisions, and as a Head Girl I monitored the young volunteers, as well as managing their schedules. This taught me both communication and helped with my organizational skills. As a fitness room monitor I have the responsibility of making sure people follow the rules, and make safe decisions. These jobs have helped prepare me for any future positions I may take on.

Image taken at Painted Bar Stables


  • Public Library
  • Painted Bar Stables
  • SWE Egg Drop
  • Helping a women with Parkinson’s use her computer

Volunteering brings you closer to the community, and has taught me the importance of helping others. When you volunteer, it humbles you, as you have the chance to help others out of the goodness of your heart.


  • National Honor Society
  • National Junior Honor Society
  • Interact Club

These clubs have helped me learn to be dedicated to everything I do, and how important getting involved is. By getting involved you gain new perspectives, and can help others, in both your school and community.


  • Training to be a lifeguard
  • CPR Certified

Training in how to save a life is humbling, and also inspires responsibility, in both your job, and as a good Samaritan.


  • Belize
  • Guatemala
  • Alaska
  • Washington DC/Boston/NYC
  • Canada
  • Bonaire
  • St. Lucia
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Maine

The traveling opportunities have given me a larger perspective on the world and the privileges I have been fortunate to have.

Picture above taken in Maine


  • President of NJHS
  • JV Basketball Captain
  • Homeroom Representative in Student Council
  • Attendance of the Youth Leadership Institute

Being a leader has taught me how to motivate others as well as myself, organize events, and it has also shown me the importance of leading by example rather than force.

Quality Work:

Below are links to work I have done, that I believe shows my qualities and talents, and why I would be a good selection for jobs in the future.


I included the photography, to show my creative side. This will help me in any job I may choose, because I think outside the box, and have a unique vision. This will be useful in presentations, as well as thinking of solutions in the political field.

Letter to a Professional

This letter shows that I know how to communicate in a professional manner, to someone who is respected. From this I learned how to use proper format for a professional letter, which will help if I need to write to someone in a future profession.

Debate Preparation

From these debates, I learned that one of my true passions is debating, especially government matters. I choose to include these  debating preparation sheet, as they show how I am dedicated to preparation, as well as organized, both valuable skills to have in a career.

Examples of Technology Use

These presentations show that I know how to use both Powerpoint and Excel, and I included them to display this, as technology is a valuable tool in today’s world, one that I know how to utilize. Doing these presentations helped me learn how to use these tools, which will help me in the future if I need to give a presentation.